Hello, I’m Mel (short for Melanie) and I would like to welcome you to our family’s blog.


We’re an ordinary family from the Philippines and to be honest there’s really nothing special about us and with what we do but, we have a special and yet ambitious goal – to fully enjoy our lives together – by owning less, controlling our wants, keeping things around us simple, reducing waste, minding our health, blessing more people and getting a good night sleep with loads of hugs and cuddles.


Puka Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines – January 2015

We’ll be sharing here a lot about our “trying hard” efforts in our pursuit of living a minimalist lifestyle, some tips in simplifying daily activities and enjoying life’s simple joys.

We hope that you’ll get something helpful or practical or at least something with sense out of our posts here, but if not we hope at least you’ll enjoy reading and somehow we’ll make you smile.




You may reach us thru:

Email – mel@tryinghardminimalist.com

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